Our Story

Our Story

Altek Supply is a second-generation family-owned International Master Distributor of industrial products. We inventory and market products, and provide technical support to the Oil & Gas, Mining, Refining, Chemical, Water, and Wastewater Industries.

For more than 20 years, Altek Supply has been representing leading brands and consistently providing unmatched customer service to the industries we serve. Altek’s team members are committed to customer satisfaction and ensuring Altek’s continued success for decades more. 

Mission Statement

We help companies bring energy to market quickly, safely and responsibly. We partner with leading manufacturers and local distributors who are committed to delivering quality products and world-class customer experience.


Altek Supply was founded in 1999 by Fred and Debbie Atema when they saw a market need and capitalized on an opportunity. Drawing from their industry experience since the mid-1970s, they built a company with a strong desire to focus on customers’ needs. Since then, Altek has succeeded by staying true to family values, hiring and retaining top talent, carrying a large inventory of quality products, and developing a network of committed customers that know Altek delivers on every promise.

Core Values

Our core values are our guiding principles that represent who we are and what we stand for. They guide our behaviours, decisions and interactions with our employees, customers, and partners. Altek has succeeded and will continue to succeed by staying true to the family values we built this company on. 


With a commitment to personal and professional growth, Altek has and will continue to succeed. Our growth mindset will continue to be a key driver in our daily actions to create more value for our customers, partners and opportunities for our employees. Altek will always focus on creating more today and being better than we were yesterday.


Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. Altek is and will continue to be the most trusted distributor for our customers and partners. We work tirelessly to create and sustain an environment that enables our employees to reach their potential, encouraging and continually creating opportunities for growth and advancement.


Altek positively impacts all our relationships: customers, partners, employees, communities we work in and charitable organizations locally and abroad. 

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