General Questions

Do you do modifications there?

Yes, we have partnered with several qualified modification shops to fit your needs.

Can I get these valves coated?

Yes, forged valves can be coated.

Where are the valves manufactured?

Our valves are manufactured in the US, China, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Is there online access to MTRs?

MTR’s are shipped with all products at the time of purchase.

Can End-Users buy direct?

All our valve products can be accessed through local distributors.

What are your factory lead times like?

We maintain a large inventory of high demand products with a current lead time of 16-20 weeks for non-exotics.

Can I ship direct to site?

Yes, direct shipping is available.

Which valves can you throttle?

Globe valves can be throttled.

Are hand-wheels available?

Currently, hand-wheels are available through factory order. 

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