PIBIVIESSE Top Entry valves are full inline field repairable and can be used in any critical service application where in-situ field repairability and quick turnaround are needed. Thanks to this characteristic, Top Entry Valves can also be welded directly onto the pipeline still allowing easy maintenance operation.

Basic Design: Cast Body & Forged Bonnet Construction. ASME B16.34/VIII, API 6A/6D/6DSS, SIL 3, CSA Z245.15, Fire Safe & OHSAS Certified
Sizes: 1" - 60"
Pressures: CL150 - CL2500, API 2000 - API 15000
Temperatures: -193C - 550C (Cryogenic to Steam)
Materials: Wide Selection Available - CS, LTCS, 316ss, 6Mo, Duplex, Super Duplex, Monel, Nickel Alloys (ex. Inconel 625 & Incoloy 825), Titanium, etc.
Ends: RF, RTJ, Butt Welded, WE + PUPS
Special Connections: HUBS (Grooved, Union, Grayloc, etc.)


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Plastic Polymer Insert, O-Ring or Metal to Metal Seat Sealing
SR or DPE Seats
Soft or Metal to Metal Sealing Arrangement

2 - Pieces Cast Body with Forged Bonnet Design
In-Line Maintainable
On-Off & Control Designs
Features for Vertical Pipe Installation
DBB Design
Sized to withstand external loads from the pipeline even when the bonnet, the ball and the seats are removed for maintenance
Triple Barrier Stem Seals
Built-in grease and sealant injection system for emergency stem and seat seal
Self-lubricating PTFE sleeve bearings and thrust washer reducing torque to extend the service life

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