Top Entry Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves are specially designed and developed for in-line servicing, lower operating torque and easy maintenance to meet the demands of our oil and gas pipeline customers.

Basic Design: API 6D
Sizes: 2″-30″ FB/RB
Pressures: ANSI 150lb-1500lb
Materials: Cast Carbon / Stainless Steel / Inconel
Ends: RF, RTJ, BW
Fire Safe Design/Test: API 607 or API 6FA


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CS/SS/Alloy Body Options
API 608
SPE, DIB1 or 2
Liquid Porting
Gear Operator & Actuation Extended Stem/Bonnet For
Underground Service

Top Entry
Double Block & Bleed
Fire Safe Design Antistatic Device
Sealant Injection Fitting
Locking Device
ISO Mounting Pad
Cast Body
Inline Repairable
Emergency Sealant Injection
Convenient Access To Stem & Ball For On-site Maintenance

Product FAQs

What is DIB1 or DIB2?

DIB1 is double piston x double piston seats. DIB2 is double piston x SPE (or self-relieving).

Do you offer LRK for DIB1 or DIB2?

Liquid Porting Kits can be done in-house at Altek. They are for thermal relief in liquid applications.

What is SPE?

SPE is single piston effect seats or self-relieving trunnion.

What are the temperature limits for SPE Trunnions?

DHV valves are -50 – 320 F.

What are the in-stock API trims available?

Please call for current availability. 3m ENP coated trim.

Do you offer A105N/LF2 Body?

DHV uses a dual grade A105N/LF2 Body.

Are the valves pre-greased?

DHV valves from factory come with a machine grade oil. New inventory will be coming from factory pre-greased.

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