Protal ST Epoxy Mastic is a fast-drying surface tolerant epoxy coating that can be hand or spray applied to wire brushed rusty steel surfaces SSPC-SP 2/3. Its good penetration and adhesive properties ensure excellent protection in long term exterior exposure.

Long term exterior protection
Excellent water/sea water resistance
Good resistance to acids and alkalis
Does not shield cathodic protection
Good impact resistance
Low VOC’s


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Used wherever steel grit blasting is not possible
Minimal surface preparation (SSPC- SP2/3)
Good flexibility, hardness and adhesion
Can be used alone or in combination with other topcoats for long term exposure to water in applications such as: structural steel, pipe externals, pipe racks, tanks, offshore platforms, locks, gates, and bridges
Used for above and below ground pipelines, structural steel, bridges, tanks, and other steel surfaces

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