Parallel Slide Pressure Seal Gate Valves offer reduced thermal binding, lower torques, tighter seal and reduced seat wear than wedge gate designs.

Basic Design: ASME B16.34
Sizes: 2″-24"
Pressures: ANSI 150 ANSI –2500 ANSI
Materials: Cast Carbon / Alloy Steel
Ends: RF, RTJ, BW


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Gears & Automation
Thermal Relief Piping
Special Vee Ported Seat

Pressure Seal Bonnet
Spring Loaded Self-Aligning Interchangeable Dual Disc Design to Lower Stem Torque and Reduce Thermal Lock
Positive Disc Travel Stop
Position Seated for Closure
Disc Reacts Freely to Thermal Changes
Bellville Spring Loaded Stem Packing for Leak Free Stem Movement
Minimum Pressure Drop
In Line Maintenance
NACE Optional

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