Model #WAL-42 has a numbered contact, copper and steel terminals assembled on an insulated board or the terminal, and hardware layout custom manufactured as per your design.

High impact cast aluminum
Protective plexiglass warning plate covers terminals
Fully Customizable
Withstand weather, ultraviolet light and time

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Dimensions of Terminal Board W 15cm. x H 17.5cm. (approx.) (W 5 7/8" x H 6 7/8") (approx.)
Outside Dimensions W 17cm. x H 20cm. x D 8 cm. (approx.) (W 6 3/4" x H 8" x D 3 1/8") (approx.)
5.1cm. (2") aluminum conduit bushed into the box
Approx. weight 2400 gr. (5 lbs. 7 oz.)
Test station is locked on to a 1.5M (5’) aluminum conduit with stainless steel set screws
Cover slides on from the top and held secure by stainless steel nut on bolt with washer

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