Expanding Conduit Gate Valves are a 2-Piece wedge design which upon closing separates to create the seal on the stationary seats. There is limited action between seat and gate during operation which extends the life of the sealing components.

Basic Design: API 6D
Sizes: 2″-36″ ANSI 600lb-1500lb 6″-36″ ANSI 300lb
Materials: Cast Carbon / Alloy Steel
Ends: RF, RTJ, BW
Fire Safe Design/Test: API 6FA


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Gears & Automation
Thermal Relief
CSA Z245.15
Stem Extensions

Rising Stem
Expanding Disc-Dual Seated
Low Flow Resistance
Soft Seal or Metal to Metal Seal
Locking Device
Blow-out Proof Stem
Bypass Relief System

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