Denso Glass Outerwrap 70 is a fiberglass cloth impregnated with a water activated resin that is used as a protective outer wrap over Denso Marine Piling Tape.

Resists cold and hot temperatures
Resistant to water, acid, salts, or soil organics
Quick, long term protective coating, ready for immediate service
Contains no solvents
Can be top coated for aesthetics


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A protective coating which offers exceptional mechanical and impact strength for underwater, underground, and above ground pipes and piles
Easy to apply, no mixing or messy clean up
Can be applied underwater or to wet surfaces
Minimal surface preparation required

Product FAQs

What is the recommended overlap for Glass Outerwrap?

A 2” overlap onto an existing coating is recommended.

Can this product freeze?

This product will freeze which will affect the tapes performance. We recommend storing Glass Outerwrap in a cool dry place.

What do I use instead of water to cure Glass Outerwrap in the winter?

Winter grade windshield washer fluid will cure Glass Outerwrap.

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