Denso FRP Spacers are used to prevent or correct contact shorts and for abrasion resistance.

Flexible and light weight for easy handling
Offer superior physical properties over plastics and rubber
High compressive strength over other non-conductive materials
Will not "cold flow" like PVC, polyethylene, neoprene, etc.
Excellent abrasion resistance


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Easy to install - snap on and slide into place
Hanger disassembly not required on existing pipelines
No tools, banding, welding or adhesives required
Will not become brittle in cold temperatures or soften from heat
When placed between a coated main and its hanger or support it provides electrical isolation as well as desirable weight distribution and a high degree of abrasion resistance
Without this protection, the cold flow of the coating combined with the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipe would result in holidays at each support assembly

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