Archco 467 Epoxy is a multi-purpose, two-part, epoxy phenolic novolac coating system designed for applications requiring excellent chemical resistance to oil products, acids (sulfuric and hydrochloric), solvents, inorganic salts and water.

Very low permeability
Excellent adhesion
Excellent chemical resistance
Excellent resistance to H2S gases
Excellent temperature resistance (up to 500°F/260°C)
Excellent abrasion resistance
Post cure at 200°F (93°C) for 2 hours required (Refer to spray application spec for complete cure schedule)


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Application via single-leg spray equipment
Dry heat resistance up to 500°F (260°C) and up to 400°F (203°C) service depending on the fluids present
Protect vessels against crude oil, natural gas, seawater, wastewater, fuels, solvents, lubricants, acids, H2S, and inorganic salts

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