TINYPulse Surveys

TINYpulse is a feedback-based tool that encourages the A-Team to provide input on how they are feeling, how management can help or support them, how they feel the company is handling certain situations and much more. This helps Altek maintain a superior workplace culture and a happier team.


Sending Cheers through TINYpulse is encouraged at Altek, it’s a way to say, “Thank You” and recognize when someone did something that was awesome!


Each week, employees are asked to anonymously answer a question about their job, manager and/or team satisfaction, how they feel with their development, available opportunities, training, support and value, how they feel that management or human resources has handled a situation or what they think could have been handled differently.


Monthly One on One meetings with employees and their direct managers are extremely beneficial. Not only do they help build a better relationship, but it allows for employees to be able to share their ideas, concerns, goals, professionally and personally in a safe environment.


At Altek, we value and encourage open and honest feedback from our staff. TINYpulse is a way for us to gather feedback and input that is provided anonymously. It clarifies expectations, helps our staff build confidence, promotes teamwork and keeps us all on the same page.

Here are some of the results from our survey questions:

October 2020

Did you enjoy Altek’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month?


September 2020

How would you rate our organizational culture?


August 2020

I feel that I am in control of my career path and that I am progressing in my personal and professional development at this company. 


July 2020

How would you rate the level of respect colleagues give to each other at our workplace?


June 2020

Are we a better organization now than we were 6 months ago?


May 2020

How confident are you that the leadership team will be able to successfully get us through the current economic challenges that we are facing?

April 2020

On a scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate the actions taken by Altek so far amid COVID-19?

March 2020

Do you feel like you have the opportunity to reach your full potential at Altek?

February 2020

How would you rate our monthly newsletter? Is there anything that you would like to see added or removed from the newsletter?

January 2020

How would you rate Altek’s reliability as a whole? Do you feel there is consistency in what is said and the behaviours that follow?

December 2019

How happy are you at work?

November 2019

How well does our organization support you in exploring your professional interests and goals?

October 2019

Do you feel that your manager has clearly defined your roles and responsibilities and how they contribute to the success of the organization?

September 2019

How valued do you feel at work?

August 2019

How likely would you be to refer someone to work here?

July 2019

How happy are you at work?