At Altek Supply, we are committed to meaningful collaboration with Canada’s Indigenous communities to contribute to a thriving energy market that allows Indigenous communities to succeed.

Altek Supply’s Indigenous Relations approach is dedicated to active engagement, promoting awareness, and creating opportunities. We are committed to helping companies bring energy to market quickly, safely, and responsibly through delivering quality products and world-class customer service without compromising our core values; growth, trust, and impact.

We believe responsible development maintains the unique relationship Indigenous Peoples have to their traditional and current uses of lands and resources.

The following vital principals guide Altek Supply’s engagement and commitment to Indigenous communities:


We work to build impactful relationships grounded in respect and trust that deliver real, lasting value to our Indigenous partners.


We recognize Indigenous peoples’ individual and legal constitutional rights and seek to understand and respect their history, customs, beliefs, and traditions.


We are committed to creating open and honest communication through responsive listening.

Community impact

We strive to develop supportive programs, strategies, and community investment opportunities that enhance Indigenous communities.

Employment, Training, and Business Opportunities

We continuously aim to connect with Indigenous businesses through our supply chain and are committed to integrating Indigenous peoples and community members within our organization.