Gord Barnes worked for Altek Supply as a member of our Warehouse Team for four years.  Gord created a reputation to be envied and strived for – his impeccable attendance, exceptional work ethic, always helpful and always respectful attitude toward is co-workers.  He made a huge impact on his colleagues, friends and family.  Unfortunately, just a few short months after his retirement from Altek he was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident.  The Gord Barnes Achieve Award was announced in the middle of 2017 to honor him and the impact that he had on the A-Team.

The Gord Barnes Achievement Award aims to recognize Altek Supply staff members who have demonstrated outstanding performance, and consistently displayed characteristics valued and appreciated by their coworkers.  Award recipients, chosen by their colleagues, embody the purpose and values of Altek Supply.

Award Recipients are nominated based on the following characteristics and values:

Punctuality & Timeliness

Gord had impeccable attendance – the ideal nominee has excellent attendance, coming in early for work and making the most of their time.

Communication & Friendliness

Gord was Altek’s Mr. Congeniality, known for his firm yet hearty handshake – the ideal nominee will have good relationships with their coworkers, communicate well and have the ability to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Performance & Dedication

Gord was excellent at what he did, he truly contributed to Altek’s growing success – the ideal nominee is a master of their job and performs it well, they are depended on when it comes to getting things done. 

Helpfulness & Genuineness

Gord always helped whoever needed his hand, he was an authentic and very humble man – the ideal nominee has a desire to help others and goes the extra mile to assist their coworkers.

Overall Positivity

Gord was a walking definition of optimism – the ideal nominee has a positive character, creates an encouraging and grateful atmosphere in the workplace, they are always smiling and are just a happy person.


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