Tracey Quesnell, April 2020
April 1, 2020 / by Altek Supply / GBAA Winners

HR and Health & Safety Manager

“Tracey is always so positive and upbeat and willing to talk.  I also respect that when the hard conversations needed to happen with regards to how to keep us all employed and not do layoffs but find other solutions that would work for all she did not hesitate.  Finally, working on finding creative ways to still keep us connected because working from home can be isolating even with family around so it does help to be able to see other faces and communicate periodically.  I think she has stepped up in a really big way.”

“Tracey has been an A-Team All Star!  She is always working hard and is continuously busy.  She never fails to put a smile on my face or make me laugh.  Tracey always helps get an answer to anyone that approaches her regardless of how much is on her plate.  I appreciate all that she does and keeping our team in communication during the circumstances we are currently in.  she projects positivity with her spunky character, and she makes it very easy to approach her with anything you may need.  Keep up the excellent work you do for our team!”

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