October 28, 2020 / by Altek Supply / Business

an Interview with don finch

Yesterday we congratulated Don Finch on his retirement after an extensive 45-year career within the Oil & Gas industry.

We took the time to interview Don, to learn more about his career, the lessons he has learned along the way & the advice he has for those just starting their careers.

His advice is to believe in yourself. Try not to get so down on yourself, have confidence, pick yourself up, wipe yourself off & get going again.

“There’s a lot of frustration out there; you’re not going to win every job but don’t take it personally, circle back and figure out what you could have done better for the next time. Prepare for meetings, sales calls & do whatever it takes. Always go with a purpose.”

Don wants to thank the people who are still in the industry and everyone who he has had a chance to work with.

Thanks again, Don, for taking the time to provide us all with some insight. Best of luck to Don and wife Ellie as they take on this new adventure together!